1. Permanent Staffing Solution

2. Temporary Staffing Solution

3. Payroll Process Outsourcing

4. Statuary Compliance Management & Audit

5. Expat Management

6. Facility Management

SRCS is work toward the 360-degree satisfaction level. SRCS is working to set the own working standards to compete in market and provide the all type of tailor made service solution to fulfill the client need.


  • Automobile
  • Garments Manufacturing
  • Consumer Durables
  • FMCG
  • Infrastructure
  • IT
  • KPO / BPO
  • Manufacturing
  • Lighting
  • Retail
  • Logistic
  • Govt / Sami govt. etc.


  • SRCS undertake permanent recruitment assignment for all functional areas.
  • SRCS employs one of the most rigorous candidate screening processes in
    the staffing industry.
  • Our process ensures the hiring of the highest quality people.
  • Our client receives intelligent, skilled and reliable candidates resulting
    in higher productivity and higher rate of retention.


  • Temporary staffing service is getting more popular in today’s corporate world, where we address need for just-in-time workforce.
  • Effectively handling the book assignments.
  • Sourcing through different channels.
  • Professional handling of processes like recruitment, on boarding, payroll, statutory compliance and benefits.
  • Successful combination of recruitment, payroll and compliance management.
  • Established processes to manage the client tailor made requirement
  • Grievance handling & Attrition management.
  • Grievance handling & Attrition management.


  • Single Window Contact
  • Compliance on Minimum Wages
  • Manpower Availability on Time
  • Manpower Availability on Time
  • Manpower Availability on Time
  • Ensuring complete documentation as per predefined set of joining formalities.
  • Maintenance of Statutes: PF, ESI, TDS etc.
  • Associate Orientation Program
  • Ensuring legal compliance as per govt. etc.


  • Induction Program
  • Appointment letters
  • Zero Balance Salary Account
  • Salary Transfer to Personal Bank Account
  • Ensuring ESI full benefits
  • Leave as per rules
  • Salary Slip, ID cards, PF No. UAN No. etc.


Need for Payroll Outsourcing

  • Processing payroll is taking up too much time.
  • Keeping track of monthly statutory deposit is difficult task.
  • Late filling result in penalties.
  • Timely salary disbursement is mandatory as per compliance etc.

Payroll Processing Services

  • Configurable Salary Heads
  • Preparing Payroll
  • Salary, Arrears, Advance.
  • Monthly Reimbursement Process.
  • Fulfill the monthly compliance related to payroll.
  • Prepare and submit ESI & PF monthly challans.
  • Prepare the salary slip.
  • Preparing Full & Final Settlement etc.


Statuary Compliance Management

  • EPF &Misc Act
  • ESI Act
  • Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act
  • Shops & Establishment Act
  • Labour Welfare Fund
  • Payment of Gratuity Act
  • Minimum Wages Act
  • Maternity Benefit Act
  • Sexual Harassment of Woman at Work Place (P. P. & R.) Act.
  • Workmen’s Compensation Act.
  • Factory Act
  • Weight & Measurement Act
  • E – TDS Returns
  • Trade License
  • And Other Different Labour Act.
  • Maintenance of Statutory Registers
  • Submission of Returns under different Labour Act as per schedule.
  • Compliance Management On
  • Compliance Management On
    • - Monthly - Quarterly - Half Yearly – Annually
    • - And Other Compliance Requirement.

  • Audit

    • Facing Govt. Inspection
    • Compliance Audit Support
      • - Principal Employer
      • - Vendors
      • - Site Inspection etc.

    Expat Management


    • Registration
    • Visa Extension
    • Return Visa
    • Exit Permit
    • Change of Address
    • Registration Extension
    • Change of Passport
    • Change of Port
    • Change of Travel Mode
    • Loss of Passport
    • Police Clearance Certification etc.

    Residential Support

    • Searching Residential area (in Delhi & NCR)
    • Lease Processing
    • Any Other support related to Residential.

    Facility Management

    Corporate Housekeeping Services

    The level of cleaning of an office environment has a great impact on both staff morale and client perception about the organization’s culture. A spic and span office imparts the view that the company is in sync with the times, and provides a hygienic work environment instilling in the process a sense of pride & belonging among the employees, which further acts as an impetus and motivating drive.

    • – Scientific Approach: We at SRCS ensure a systematic and scientific approach to deliver such desired results. Charts, checklist and reports form the foundation of strong result – oriented methodology.
    • – Regular Training: We lay emphasis on training and grooming of manpower, making them aware of the current systems, tools, and effective & economic usage of consumables. This is an ongoing process, and is repeated at 3 – month intervals of each team member.
    • - Mechanized Cleaning: At SRCS, we endeavor to constant innovate, upgrade and experiment with the latest technology and state of the art machinery available in order to stay ahead of the competition, with the client’s supreme interest in mind.
    • - Material: We provide cleaning material of international quality, soured from reputed companies.
    • - Eco Friendly: We Confirm to the usage of ecofriendly chemicals, help our clients to optimally utilize natural resources. We can set up waste – management systems to conform to the latest regulatory guidelines with respect to bio – medical waste management.

    Beside this, we are independently handling as entire gamut of our Indian, Multinational Companies with interested spread across all sectors of the economy.